No Excuses - We have time NOW! So, while we are stuck at home let's all clean out and organize our closets! I am going to walk you through the steps that I take when I tackle a crazy project like my closet, so maybe this will motivate or make it easier for YOU to do it with me.


The first thing I do is take everything out of my closet - and yes, I mean all of it! I find that this makes it easier to clean, visualize, and put it all back together in an organized way.


Wipe it all down, vacuum, and if you have a metal hanging bar like me - wax the bar. Wax the bar? Yes - take a piece of wax paper and rub it across the hanging bar(s). What does this do? It makes hangers glide across with ease - it's fantastic and surprisingly satisfying.


My one piece of advice here is to have all matching hangers - slim lines are my favorite because they take up less space and their hook makes it easy to slide as opposed to plastic or wire hooks. You would be surprised by the difference that it makes when you are trying to fit things into your closet, and it can be visually appealing too!


I dive in by making 3 piles:

  • Damaged/Stained - If you love any of these items or wore them a lot - make a shopping list so you know what you want to replace.
  • Donate - Items that are not fitting properly / outdated / or you never wear
  • Keep - Items you wear regularly / in style / your "go-to" pieces / the basics


There are a lot of different ways that people can organize their closets, but the way I organize mine reflects quite similarly how I organize By Request.

Start by dividing your keep pile by which season that item belongs in, and in the current season (Spring) ask yourself what items you wear most often. Keep those items toward the front of your closet so they are easily accessible. 

Once you have it divided into seasons, organize by color and style (sleeve length, type of clothing item, etc.) - I have found that this is the best way to quickly find what you are looking for! And if you find it easy to shop the racks in By Request then this would be a great method for you to try!

I have segments of color in my closet but I wear a lot of white, black, and ivory that is always kept towards the front of my closet and put colors I don't wear as often toward the back or sides. Then I hang the rest of my clothes by color, starting from tops (done by sleeve length) to bottoms.
Another tidying up tip:
If you keep basic layering tanks folded and not hung up - refold and organize by color so the next time you are looking for a black tank top they are all in the same place.

I know it may seem like it's a scary thing to tackle, but why not make the most of the time we are all spending at home. I know I have already started! And once you are done you feel very accomplished, or if you're anything like me you can reward yourself with a shopping spree to fill in the empty spaces. ;)

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on social media or shoot me an email. I would be happy to schedule a FaceTime appointment where we can go through what to keep or donate, or if you made a 4th pile of "I don't knows". Best of luck to all of you!

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