How to wear your favorite boots with your favorite jeans.

*January 18 Update*

It is Buy Now, Wear Now boot season! Since we are currently having our HUGE Winter Sale in-store, we decided to put a few more boots on the shop so you have a chance to purchase them online! The Dee Keller Black Boot as well as the Joie Fringe Boot are a must-have! They are the perfect winter boot, but are also great transitional pieces! Don't wait until it's too late to grab the pair of shoes your closet needs! 



So what's the deal with booties and jeans? It seems every time we want to pair our favorite jeans with our favorite booties the two can't seem to get along! I've had many of my customers come to me and ask "How do I wear these jeans with these boots?" Well here's your answer...and I promise it's a lot easier than you think. 

If your jeans are "skinny jeans" and are fitted to your leg near the ankle area by all means tuck them in.  You'll create a sleek line and be able to show off your fabulous boots.

If you are wearing a straight-leg jean don't just automatically tuck it.  You can leave it over the boot or roll it up, depending on what you're feeling that day.

If your are wearing a boyfriend jean roll them up above your  bootie.  Your roll doesn't have to be perfect just try to have them match each other.

And if you're really looking to mix it up, look out for the new uneven hem jeans  - so fresh - I am definitely ready for them :)

Monica Terminella
Monica Terminella