Cashmere Transition

Cashmere Transition Pt 2: Weekend Wear

The weekend is here, the weather is beautiful and all we want is to break out all of our spring pieces ... in the middle of February. 

This time of year can be especially difficult when it comes to putting together your everyday outfit; one day its sunny and 70 and the next its cold with the high of 40.  My secret to success is cashmere.  Below I wrote about how to transition cashmere from winter to spring and this weekend I put together the perfect weekend outfit!

It's all about stripes this spring and no designer does it better than White + Warren for this casual look.  This cashmere sweater is a fun colorful sweater that you can easily throw on and still feel confident and fabulous!


All you need to complete this look is a great pair of jeans - I went with this trendy frayed, high-low cut denim that helps complete the head to to toe look.  Depending on how warm it gets, feel free to pair it with a great pair of shorts! It's all about being comfortable.  And let's not forget the perfect bag that ties the look together.  This GiGi tote is such a wonderful grab and go bag! Throw everything you need in there and enjoy your weekend!


Just because winter is nearing its end doesn't mean you have to say, "Goodbye cashmere."

Spring-weight cashmere is perfect for transitioning to warmer weather - especially for those days that start off cooler but warm up as the hours go by. 

White + Warren is known for their luxe cashmere and this spring is no different.   This striped light grey knit looks great paired with all shades of blue denim or even your favorite pair of white denim. 

The detail on this knit is beautiful. Notice just how breathable the fabric is, especially with a mesh neckline. 

Another option is this tunic length light-weight cashmere top that can be worn with a contrasting blue denim or a beautiful white denim.

This top will feel familiar as it has the comforting shape of a long-sleeve t shirt but in cashmere...

This GiGi New York soft leather two-tone tote is a great spring and summer bag. Simply add a neutral that will complete your outfits and not compete with your cashmere statement.

Trust me, spring-weight will be my go-to piece this season - especially since one day its 70 and sunny and the next its 45 and rainy!

Til next time,


Monica Terminella
Monica Terminella